Christabel (Part 5)

Publication Date: February 02, 2014

Chapter: English Literature During The Romantic Period

I know several of you really love Lit Brick, so its semi-hiatus has to be frustrating. I apologize for that. I love Lit Brick too. At the moment, however, doing it regularly isn't in the cards. I have to keep Carol updating, and I have to work on it every day, even if it only updates twice a week, for business reasons.

Still, as I said, I love Lit Brick, so when I free time, I can still draw it for funsies. Here's a strip I wrote a while ago (I've been sitting on Christabel scripts for what seems like forever) and drew tonight. This is more or less completely accurate to the original story.

Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge • Year: 1816 • Source: Poetry Foundatoin