A Visit to Newgate (3)

Publication Date: July 13, 2015

Chapter: The Victorian Era

The girl was perfectly unmoved. Hardened beyond all hope of redemption, she listened doggedly to her mother's entreaties, whatever they were: and, beyond inquiring after 'Jem,' and eagerly catching at the few halfpence her miserable parent had brought her, took no more apparent interest in the conversation than the most unconcerned spectators.

A programming note: daily Lit Brick was a fun experiment to return to, but I think I'll stick to comic books. Of course, Lit Brick will be part of said comic books, so don't fret. Thanks to the handful of you who supported this goofy strip for a few months, but it's clear I need to apply myself elsewhere. We'll meet again, one sunny day.

In the meantime, I continue to post comic pages at Troutcave Comics, and full comic book issues are still be published on Comixology or Gumroad.

Author: Charles Dickens • Year: 1836 • Info: Wikipedia

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